Alexandra Rose by Jeff Fiore

Fans self because wife is too attractive


Cutie boobies club 4 life ❤️
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Pretty in Pink
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Anonymous asked:

Shit. I'll be honest sometimes I roll my eyes a bit when I see your answers to asks cause they can be a blunt but I have a new found respect for you after the way you answered that last ask about someone wanting to look like the girls you reblog. You go man! I apologise for being shitty before!

Thank you :)
Right, I’m not being shitty, but I’m a really honest person, I say things how I see them and that’s that. I don’t know if it’s to do with my form of Tourette’s or whatever, but if someone asks me for my opinion, I give them it.I don’t sugar coat things, I find that irritating haha.

Anonymous asked:

I wanna look like the girls you reblog, they are all so perfect

Don’t ever aspire to look like someone else, you are beautiful, regardless of anyone’s opinion. Aspire to do things that others do, but you are the leader of your life, so just make the most of it, don’t waste it on wanting something trivial.

There are so many beautiful women on this site, I want to love them all.


Via lasergunsandcongodrums:
Photography by Spencer Charles


Cassie Amato 
Photographed by: Lucas Passmore
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